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fidelisation service client logitech diNovo keyboard for notebooksComme souvent, il est plus facile, et moins coûteux,  de fidéliser un client que d’en prospecter un nouveau. Et cette fidélisation passe notamment par le service client: 72% des personnes affirment qu’un bon service client les rend fidèles à une marque.

La plupart des entreprises ne voient malheureusement que le porte-monnaie du consommateur, avec une vision à court terme: vendre maintenant. Et le service client a pour objectif de rembourser, ou d’échanger le minimum de produits (par des clauses de garantie restrictives ou toute autre raison). Ces entreprises considèrent l’activité de SAV que comme une source de dépenses (non rentable), alors qu’elle peut être un excellent levier de fidélisation.

Voici donc comment Logitech a gagné ma fidélité grâce à son SAV suite à une panne de clavier.



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networker efficaceRonan de autoentrepreneurinfo.com m’a proposé une nouvelle collaboration pour l’écriture de 3 nouveaux guest-posts.

Voici donc le premier de la série: 3 astuces pour (re)devenir un networker efficace.

Cette article est fortement inspiré de mon récent article en anglais How to be an efficient networker with these 3 tips.

Ce nouveau guest-post vous explique comment être un networker efficace grâce à 3 conseils, c’est-à-dire créer des relations fortes et engagées avec les personnes que vous rencontrez.

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tips networkerAs an entrepreneur or a startup, you know benefits of networking. It gives you an amazing chance to spread the word about your project, and to meet potential buyers, suppliers, or just very helpful and skillful people.


But most of networkers turn these events into a 1 way communication: they speak about themselves and their company, and don’t care or even listen when someone else is speaking. In that case, benefits of networking are greatly reduced.

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Blog mauvaise réputation en France et pourtantLe blog a encore une réputation douteuse en France. Il est souvent associé à un public jeune, voire immature, racontant leur vie (assez peu intéressante), dans un écrit douteux/pas toujours soigné et aux couleurs flashies. Je pense bien évidement ici aux Skyblogs qui ont sévi pendant un certain nombre d’années et auxquels de nombreux Français pensent encore lorsqu’on évoque le blog. Je souhaite donc faire évoluer chez vous cette image assez restreinte du blog que vous avez peut-être.

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 Outbound vs Inbound marketingTo explain what is the Inbound marketing, it is important to know what is the Outbound marketing first.

Outbound marketing was almost the only way companies used to promote themselves until few years ago. Before the generalization of the internet access, all medias we had at disposition were a 1 way communication. TV, radio, magazines, direct mails…

We had no way to interact with these medias, and we had to accept them as they were: preselected information and mainly advertising we didn’t want. All companies worldwide were spending huge amounts of money to reach a maximum of people, not caring about the targets expectations or who would see their advertisements. From our consumer point of view, we had no real way to avoid them. We were always in presence of unasked products or services promotion. That was the Outbound marketing era.  Read more…

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Personal Business Cards Fréréri de ThezyYou probably meet new people every day. But do you know who they are, their skills, their network? With business cards, everybody can share their main activity, skills and address, even if they met only 2 minutes ago. Which other way do you have to give that much information and create potential opportunities? Business cards are great tools to share basic information and address, but when you leave a company most of the network you created can’t reach you anymore. This is something you have to avoid!

Having personal business cards is important because, even if you are committed in your your company, there are times when you want to promote you and not your employer. As a final year student, I have just made mines in order to improve my personal branding and potentially find a job. So let’s review how you can create and design your own personal business cards.

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Foundery, Toronto, Canada

Last year, I did an internship in a coworking space in Hong Kong (the Hive). I enjoyed the entrepreneurship mind I felt there, and I really think it was a great workspace for entrepreneurs and startups.  For the same reason, I’m about to start a 6 months internship in another coworking space in Toronto (Foundery), in few weeks.

I discovered that most of entrepreneurs have never heard about these spaces, even though they might be interested in. So I decided to explain in this article what they are, to whom they are dedicated, and what they can offer.


What is a coworking space?

It is a working space, designed as an open area where entrepreneurs and startups can work. Workers can rent a desk for a day, a week or a month for a lower price than a traditional office. These workspaces are designed to inspire and to improve creation, productivity and sharing. Some of them can also offer dedicated and locked office, as if it was an office rental.

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Stakes of content marketingThe content marketing is about creating informative and useful content and releasing it on different medias in order to catch attention of potential clients. This content can be on multiple formats: videos, articles, white papers, infographics, guides, studies, blogs, pictures…

Here are most important aspects of content marketing that lead to good results.

In the facts, it is widely used on internet thanks to the ease to share and spread content.

The content marketing is the first step in the inbound marketing process.


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Phones obsolescenceThe planned obsolescence is process used by industries to reduce deliberately the lifespan of their products. The reason of this practice is simple. A product usable a long period of time is a brake, or even a risk, for companies because the demand for this product would decrease as soon as households would be equipped.


The principle is to reduce the lifespan, or the number of use, in order to increase the replacement rate. It can be done with less resistant materials or by including some measured defects.

The planned obsolescence is present in every business sectors since decades. Read more…

autoentrepreneurinfo.comComme annoncé il y a quelques jours, mon article sur les intérêts d’un business plan vient d’être publié sur Autoentrepreneurinfo.com.

Les auto-entrepreneurs ne ressentent pas forcément le besoin de faire un business plan car ils n’ont pas forcément d’investisseurs à convaincre. Cependant, il me semble quand même nécessaire. J’explique donc dans cet article les intérêts que j’ai trouvé à le réaliser lors de la création de mon auto-entreprise.

Pour compléter cette publication, je vous invite à consulter le business plan que j’ai rédigé Read more…