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insource outsource content creationThe key to a good inbound marketing is a good content. And a good content is quality content. Yes, I know, everybody says that, but it is essential to reply to the question: doing the content creation internally or outsource it?


But first, how do we define the « quality »?


  • The content: The written content have to bring answers to the targeted audience. And who knows your field of activity / your product / your customers better than yourself? The know-how, the technical skills, and the knowledge about your market are inside your company. How an agency could speak about your industry better than you?


  • The style: The layout is as much important as the written content: a massive text without format won’t be read, even if it is highly relevant to your audience. But the content also have to be compatible with major actors of the web, and be adapted to different format of content consumption: SEO-friendly, easily shareable, readable on smartphones and tablets…


Therefore, we are facing a dilemma: you have knowledge internally to write relevant, technical and specific content for your buyer persona, but have no idea how to master web technologies and being visible online. At the opposite, if you outsource the content creation, the style would be excellent, but the written content might be less relevant to your potential customers. That way, you would lose the benefits of content marketing.

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objections to inbound marketing how to overcome themThis is the translation of my article published on the blog of a French inbound marketing agency based in Paris (Remarqbl). As it is a quite long article, I decided to split it into 2 parts (6 objections each).

In these articles, I gather the 12 most common objections to inbound marketing, and how I would overcome them.

I present this article as a dialogue between a marketing responsible of an SME, and a inbound marketing agency’s representative (who wants to sell his services).

The company that stands for the prospect here has a turnover of a couple of millions of dollars, and its ROI is decreasing.


Between each objection and its answer, I add a « What you should understand » paragraph in which I’m explaining what is really going on in the head of the prospect.


If your are working in the inbound marketing field, some of these objections will probably sound familiar to you.

If you are not convinced (yet) by inbound marketing, I hope this article will change your mind.

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Personal Business Cards Fréréri de ThezyYou probably meet new people every day. But do you know who they are, their skills, their network? With business cards, everybody can share their main activity, skills and address, even if they met only 2 minutes ago. Which other way do you have to give that much information and create potential opportunities? Business cards are great tools to share basic information and address, but when you leave a company most of the network you created can’t reach you anymore. This is something you have to avoid!

Having personal business cards is important because, even if you are committed in your your company, there are times when you want to promote you and not your employer. As a final year student, I have just made mines in order to improve my personal branding and potentially find a job. So let’s review how you can create and design your own personal business cards.

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Stakes of content marketingThe content marketing is about creating informative and useful content and releasing it on different medias in order to catch attention of potential clients. This content can be on multiple formats: videos, articles, white papers, infographics, guides, studies, blogs, pictures…

Here are most important aspects of content marketing that lead to good results.

In the facts, it is widely used on internet thanks to the ease to share and spread content.

The content marketing is the first step in the inbound marketing process.


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