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resume excel gantt

Let me introduced you my new resume as a gantt chart.

I decided to do a more creative resume. It is inspired by gantt charts. I just used Excel to do it.

I hope it will be noticed by human resources responsible when I will apply for project manager position. For other position I think it will be more relevant to use my more common resume (available here).
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email signatureNowadays, all companies use emails to communicate. In 2013, we estimate that more than 507 billions emails will be sent (not including spams). However, lots of persons still use this efficient without an efficient signature. A bad signature makes appear you less credible, and can even be negative for your company’s image.

Your signature must contain, at least, information about who you are (name, position, company) and how to contact you (email, phone, skype). But don’t give too much information either.


So that you keep your signature simple and efficient, I give you here 9 « To do » and 9 « Not to do »: Read more…

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Here is a 14 pages report I did in May 2012 for my school. The subject was the marketing, advertising and sales  in the pharmaceutical field. It is focused on the French market, but most of information are worldwide.

I let you discover main parts of it in this following table of contents: Read more…

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phonebloks concept

Today I would like to discuss the great idea of Dave Hakkens: the phonebloks.

This idea went virally through the web few days ago, and a lot of people showed a great interest in that project. An unexpected success for the designer.


Unfortunately, its chance to be on the market is low. Read more…