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Foundery, Toronto, Canada

Last year, I did an internship in a coworking space in Hong Kong (the Hive). I enjoyed the entrepreneurship mind I felt there, and I really think it was a great workspace for entrepreneurs and startups.  For the same reason, I’m about to start a 6 months internship in another coworking space in Toronto (Foundery), in few weeks.

I discovered that most of entrepreneurs have never heard about these spaces, even though they might be interested in. So I decided to explain in this article what they are, to whom they are dedicated, and what they can offer.


What is a coworking space?

It is a working space, designed as an open area where entrepreneurs and startups can work. Workers can rent a desk for a day, a week or a month for a lower price than a traditional office. These workspaces are designed to inspire and to improve creation, productivity and sharing. Some of them can also offer dedicated and locked office, as if it was an office rental.

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Phones obsolescenceThe planned obsolescence is process used by industries to reduce deliberately the lifespan of their products. The reason of this practice is simple. A product usable a long period of time is a brake, or even a risk, for companies because the demand for this product would decrease as soon as households would be equipped.


The principle is to reduce the lifespan, or the number of use, in order to increase the replacement rate. It can be done with less resistant materials or by including some measured defects.

The planned obsolescence is present in every business sectors since decades. Read more…

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resume excel gantt

Let me introduced you my new resume as a gantt chart.

I decided to do a more creative resume. It is inspired by gantt charts. I just used Excel to do it.

I hope it will be noticed by human resources responsible when I will apply for project manager position. For other position I think it will be more relevant to use my more common resume (available here).
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blogwpBlogs are more and more frequent on internet. Blogs are run by individuals (like mine), but also by companies. Just check your last search on Google to see how much blogs appear in the first page.

Nowadays, blogs are very easy to set up. Blogging platforms, such as Blogger, are accessible for everybody: there is none technical skills required. Or there are software solutions like WordPress, which have a lot more settings and possibilities but staying accessible with a little bit of self-education (there are a lot of resources about WordPress on the web).

There are few reasons to this fast growing compare to classical website. Read more…